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Empower Network Scam

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There’s a lot of hype going around lately regarding Empower Network. So what’s it all about?

Is it the real deal or just another Guru scam that's flogging his wares to wannabe internet marketers who want to earn money online?


Empower Network Scam – How exactly does it work?

In simplistic terms, it’s a system by which you can make money using a viral blogging platform. You can make money by becoming an affiliate and receive 100% commission on all sales you make. It’s very similar to the MLM model where you also receive income from the people you recruited when they make sales.

Empower Network Marketing Model

Who’s behind Empower Network?

The two founders of Empower, David Sharpe and David Woods (the two Dave’s) launched Empower Network in October 2011. Within the first 60 days of operation they attracted 13,000 paying members, and paid out over $2 million in commissions. It’s since become even stronger with over 72,000 members paying out more than $20 million in commissions.

Empower Network Event

Not even some of the really big gurus hold an Alexa Global Rank of 523 (February 2013).

Empower Network Alexa Pagerank
Their success has been phenomenal considering that the two Dave’s were homeless hobos without a penny to their name.

Lets look more closely at the Empower Network business model.

As I said earlier it’s very similar to the MLM model in the sense that you have to get paying members into your “team”. The people you recruit should then get people into their team and so on and so forth. You earn money by getting other members to buy the product levels you’ve also bought. You also earn commissions for every 2, 4, 6 and every 5th sale after of their sales. To explain this more clearly, here’s an example:

Empower Network Affiliate Compensation

The Empower Network system can be a little confusing as to how it works so let me try to simplify it for you by explaining it in a scenario situation.

You join Empower Network because you was referred and bought the Empower Network $25 fast-start viral blogging system. You then recruit (lets call them), John, Debbie, Calvin and David. They each buy the $25 fast start viral blogging system.

John then recruits, Sally, Jessica, Gary and Toby. Debbie (the one I recruited) recruits four (or more) people and so on and so forth.

But here’s where it gets interesting (and confusing) and why people make so much money. As mentioned earlier you recruited John, Debbie, Calvin and David. They then went on to recruit people of their own.

In fact lets make John sale #1, Debbie sale #2, Calvin sale #3, and David sale #4. So sale #1 (John) buys the $25 viral blogging system and you receive $25 for that sale.

Then later; sale #2 (Debbie) buys the $25 blogging system, however, you don’t get that $25, the person who’s link you bought the viral blogging system though (we’ll call him Julio) gets that $25 sale.

A few hours later sale #3 comes along and you receive the $25. Then a couple of hours later sale #4 hops on board and the $25 from that sale goes to Julio who recruited you.

Then every five sales after that you make the $25 goes to Julio. This happens every 2, 4, 6 and every 5th sale after. (See pic above).

So you’re probably thinking: “Why do you miss every 2, 4, 6, and every 5th sale?”

To explain further: Customer #1 then makes his recruit #1 and he keeps the $25, but he continues recruiting new customers and sales #2, #4, #6, and every 5th after goes to you.

The process is the same across the board. There’s no changing it. You HAVE to be referred by someone to become part of the system. So you’ll always have someone above you making money from your sales. But you will make more money back if you recruit people below you!

However, it doesn’t stop there. The fast start viral blogging system is only a small part of the overall package. One thing I need to point out here is; you can only make money from sales of the products that you buy.

Empower Network has many other product levels. They have:

  • Fast Start Viral Blogging @ $25 p/m
  • Inner Circle Mastermind Membership @ $100 p/m
  • Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – one off payment of $500
  • 15K Formula – one off payment of $1000
  • Masters Retreat – one off payment of $3500

The principle remains the same as above except if you DON’T own any of the other products (Inner Circle, Costa Rica Intensive and the 15k formula), and I DO…

Then I will receive money for all the sales that you made from the Inner Circle Mastermind Membership.

If I don’t own any of the others then the sales pass on up the line to the person who does. For example:

Julio recruits me and he has all of the above products but I only buy the $25 blogging system. I recruit you, but you buy the $25 blogging system AND the Inner Circle Mastermind Membership.

I will only receive the $25 for the blogging system (because that’s the only one I own) and Julio will receive the $100 for the Inner Circle because he owns the Inner Circle.

If my #2 sale also buys the blogging system and the inner circle, Julio will receive the whole $125 because he was due to get my second sale anyway.

But what happens on my third sale if he also buys both the blogging system and the inner circle? Again, I get to keep the $25 but will Julio get the $100. What happens if my fifth sale buys the blogging system, the inner circle and goes “all in” and buys the Costa Rica Intensive and the 15K formula?

In that case I’d kick my self HARD because I will only ever make the $25, because that’s all I own. Julio the b@$tard who bought into the entire system will make the other $1600. That’s how easy it is to make the kind of money people are now making with Empower Network. However you should be “all-in” as you WILL start to see money totally skip you onto the next person who actually went “all-in”. See earnings proof:

Empower Network Austin 2013


The best part of the system is you really can see earnings roll in quite quickly and in all due respect, fairly easily compared to other affiliate products or memberships. Not only that but another thing you need to remember is that the fast start blogging system and the inner circle are both residual income. This means you keep earning those 100% commissions “every month” while ever that person below you stays subscribed. So now you have your head around how the system works lets look at the products themselves.

As I said earlier there are five products within the Empower Network package but what are these?

Fast Start Viral Blogging System @ $25p/m

Empower Network Blog Membership

When you or others buy the fast start blogging system you get a fully functional blog all set up for you so that you can start making money immediately. There’s no messing around, no need to have any prior experience or anything to make this work.

A series of fast-start training videos are provided. This system is ideal for anyone from a total newbie who’s never done anything like this before to the hardcore marketer who’s been in this business for years. As I said earlier, to make this work you need to put in the time and effort to do so for you to see results. There are 8 core commitments you need to make in order for you to see the big bucks roll in. These are:

  • Core Commitment #1 – Active your affiliate account

Once you have activated your account you can literally start making money straight off the bat. There’s no need for you to start setting up merchants accounts and SEO elements, it’s all done for you.

  • Core Commitment #2 – Blog Daily

This might sound like a lot and it’s probably one of the “biggest” commitments you will have to make in order for this to work for you. It doesn’t have to be a “War and Peace” novel, 500 to 700 words every day is more than totally acceptable.

  • Core Commitment #3 – Market Daily

Not only is it important you blog daily, you need to market daily. This can be difficult in the beginning if you have no money to do this with but it’s important you get some paid marketing either by PPC or Solo Ads. You really do have to invest back into your business in order for you to move it forward as fast as possible. The easiest way if you have a few coins to spare is to pay for some advertising. If you don’t – keep blogging until you see results with free traffic. Then reinvest that money back into paid advertising until your online business grows.

  • Core Commitment #4 – New Member Coaching

For you to make more money as an affiliate of Empower it benefits you to make the life of your members better by helping them to make money. If you think about it the more money they make the more money you make. It’s not “essential” but recommended.

  • Core Commitment #5 – Empower Hour

Every Monday at 9pm EST the two Dave’s host the “Empower Hour”. This is ongoing training and coaching on how to build your business and online presence.

  • Core Commitment #6 – Listen to the Daily Audio

The daily audios are from influential people who you can really learn from. By listening to them you get to learn and understand the discipline of how they present their teachings to their audience. You’ll also begin to understand the language patterns, tone and timings they use to influence their audience, which in turn will help you to do the same.

  • Core Commitment #7 – Read Daily

Reading daily is the best way to learn the writing skills you’re going to need to be able to blog on a daily basis. Just reading something for 15 minutes a day from someone else in your industry can help you no end. It also great for the age old question of “what do I blog about?” By reading what others are writing from multiple different sources and then forming your own opinion on it and then writing about it can easily overcome writers block.

  • Core Commitment #8 – Attend Events

An event gives you something that your computer cannot. When you are around people that make the kind of money that you want to make gives you inspiration to go out and do it for yourself. Just by talking to someone face to face for 10 minutes could give you enough insight into how you can better your own business than sat at your computer for days, weeks, months even years trying to figure out how you can be more successful.

Inner Circle Mastermind Membership @ $100 p/m

Empower Network Inner Circle

The inner circle mastermind membership is exactly as it sounds. When you buy the inner circle, remember that anyone you recruit that also buys this you will receive the $100 commission for it! You get all the secrets in how to generate free traffic and how you can convert “leads” into a nice cash flow system. You’ll learn how to create fantastic presentations that not only will they be “hypnotic” but persuasive so that your visitors will snatch your hand off to buy your product. You’ll also get interviews with some of the highest paid marketers out there who will reveal exactly how they get the results.

Costa Rica Intensive @ one time fee of $500

Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive

Remember if someone buys this and you have it too you will receive 100% commission on this. However, this isn’t residual income it’s a one time fee. But if someone you recruit gets sales of this and they don’t have it you’ll receive all commissions of this product sold by them. If they do, then you will get every 2, 4, 6 and every 5 after commission of sales your recruits make!

That’s some nice income just on this one product. The Costa Rica Intensive is a product for anyone that’s interested in taking their business to the next level and making seven figures a year! You get to learn from 15 of the best leaders and marketers in the industry who get together to preform a workshop that teaches you how to make your business earn way in excess of 7 figures. There’s 11 hours of filming from the 3 day Costa Rica workshop where you get to learn all their insider secrets to SEO, outsourcing and copywriting.

15K Formula @ one time fee of $1000

Empower Network 15K Formula

Again as with all the products, if you own it you’ll receive commission for it if someone you recruit buys it etc. Just a couple of these sales a week could blast your income levels through the roof! The 15k formula is a product that’s designed to make you and your business 15k each and every month consistently.

What you need to also remember is that these products aren’t just designed at how you would sell Empower Network products but what they show you applies to selling in any industry. This product focuses on the art of blogging, getting traffic to your sites and how to get those all important sales.

Masters Retreat @ one time fee of $3500

Empower Network Costa Rica Masters Retreat

Now that’s what I’m talking about baby! Get just a couple of these sales a month and you could easily push your commissions to the next level. This product was introduced in October 2012 and consists of 39 video training modules from getting you and your business up and running and then taking it to its ultimate level.

This really is the soup to nuts of all online marketing products out there. The videos were shot in Costa Rica with around a 100 other Empower Networks, top leaders and affiliates. It gives you a real insight into what makes them so great at what they do.

Ok so we’ve looked at what’s so great about Empower Network but what’s not so great about it.

What's not to like about Empower Network?

In my honest opinion, the only thing that’s really wrong with it is the initial outlay of cash. When you first sign up with Empower and activate your account you have to pay an admin fee of $19.95. This is a monthly fee and it’s for your e-wallet which is your merchant account. You can however use your own merchant account if you have one and their blogging platform does support most types of payment systems but it’s always best to stick with what they supply because if you have integrations problems it can be a real hassle. The $19.95 also covers support issues etc.

Apart from the admin fee, you also have to buy their products before you can sell them on to someone else. If you were to buy all of the products, which is best practice to do so, your initial outlay is $5125 excluding the $19.95 admin fee. If you include this then it’s $5144.95. That’s quite a lot of cash to invest, especially if you don’t have that kind of money readily available. However 97.2% of that initial outlay is a one time only fee. In other words $5000 of $5144.95 you pay only once and the other $144.95 is a monthly fee.

However there’s no stopping you from only getting the fast start blogging system at $25 and then when money starts to roll in you can always get the others after.

So why do many think that Empower Network is a scam?

Most believe it’s a scam for two reasons:

1. The initial outlay of cash

2. You can only make the kind of money they claim you can make if you have massive lists and loads of marketing experience

Firstly, I understand that for most people the initial outlay is a lot of money but as I’ve just said, there’s nothing stopping you from starting out with the $25 a month package and working your way up to the others when you see that it works.

I also wouldn’t invest in the “Masters Retreat” unless you’re really earning a lot of money and you start to see emails telling you that you’ve missed a sale. The master retreat is for the hardcore marketers who really know what they are doing and are willing to invest the $3500 on a course.

Secondly, with any online marketing system, you need to put in the time and effort to make it work for you. There will always be a lot of people who will say that this doesn’t work and that doesn’t work but 9 times out of 10 it’s hasn’t worked because they haven’t put the time and effort into making it work for them.

Also, many never like to think outside the box and try to adapt systems to work for them. Sometimes just by changing one small element can have dramatic effects on your bottom lines. Unfortunately most “would be” online marketers aren’t prepared to work for what they earn. They are looking for a push button system, which earns them a bucket load of cash for zero effort. In short Empower Network DOES work if you are dedicated into investing time, and money, into this system.

Short cut look at the pro’s and con’s of Empower Network


  • Your earning potential is massive
  • You still make money from sales you don’t even have to make
  • Their blogging system is fully functional so you can be up and running straight away
  • Their products are totally awesome for pushing your income potential to the next level
  • Dave & Dave practically do the selling for you


  • The initial outlay is a bit too much for the average Joe Bloggs
  • Dave & Dave, while excellent sales men, should tone down on making people feel like you “have” to be “all in” for this to work.
  • You do need to invest a lot of time into making the system work.
  • Can be difficult if you are new to internet marketing to get your around the best way to market this

Who would benefit from Empower Network?

In all honesty if are new to online marketing then you may struggle to see results. There will be a steep learning curve to this. However if you understand the concepts and basics of online marketing then this could be your chance to make money online!

Empower Network Blog Beast

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Empower Network Blog Beast is the recently released second generation blogging solution from Empower Network. Dubbed as ENV2.0 (pronounced as Envy2), this new viral blogging system underwent a year of development and entailed an investment of over $3 million. This is a multi-faceted platform that offers features that cannot be found in other popular blogging software today.

Empower Network Blog Beast

Empower Network continues to create breakthrough systems for the blogging community. The company has kept itself ahead of the pack in an industry where constant change is inevitable. This new solution is a system that will meet the high demands of the blogging community.

Introducing Empower Network Blog beast ENV2.0

The new blogging system was built from the ground up. Experts from the company made sure that the platform was tested over and over. The result is a new generation that has better features, is easier to use, is faster, and has more power than the first version.

This ENV2.0 will allow its more than 80,000 active users to work more efficiently and become more successful in their online businesses. With this new version, users can maintain numerous blogs from different domains while using only one account. This breakthrough feature is not yet available in other blogging systems. The company says that their aim is to make blogging easier and faster to their users.

Another innovative feature that sets Empower Network Blog Beast apart from the competition is its mobile application capability, a feature that other blogging platforms have yet to develop and offer.

The Mobile App Advantage

The vision of Empower Network is to create a blogging platform that gives users and visitors more than the usual viewing, reading, and listening, experience using their mobile phones; hence the creation of the mobile app feature. The company has recognized how dynamic people’s lives have become with the advent of mobile phones and tablets and the easy accessibility mobile internet. Empower Network Blog Beast allows the company to go where the tide is taking the blogging community.

The big selling point for this 2.0 version is its mobile capability. With the popularity and reach of mobile internet, this feature is a welcome change especially for users who are always on the go. In this new platform, users can now sync their online blogs to their smart phones and tablets, and still be able to enjoy the features that are available when they use their computers. This is an application where most blogging systems fail. They may have mobile capabilities but access is limited, thus putting a dampener on the mobile experience of their users.

Empower Network Blog Beast allows users to take advantage of the opportunity to get closer to their audience. When mostly everything are available through mobile internet, it is but logical for the blogging community to make themselves accessible to their audiences in this way as well.

  • Anytime, anywhere sharing. With ENV2’s breakthrough mobile app feature, users can take action each time an idea comes. They can easily share content and ideas via the mobile app in their tablets or mobile phones; they do not have to wait until they are in front of a computer.
  • Mobile access to business management tools. Managing your online business is not that difficult anymore. When you are running an online business, you have to ensure that you are always a step ahead of your competitors. With the competition becoming tight, plus the fact that you are always on the go, you have to have access to trainings and marketing materials even from your mobile phone or tablet. The mobile app capability of Empower Network Blog Beast allows you to access these and more: it also allows you to access customer list, current sales, and payment. You are also given access to directly communicate with members using the mobile app.
  • Faster problem resolution online or offline. When problems or issues occur, you gain easy access through you mobile phone so you can quickly decide on how to deal with particular issues. There is no need to wait or look for a computer to address the issues. Since issues are resolved in a timely manner, adverse results are averted.

Video and Audio Uploads

Users have been clamoring for an easier way to upload videos and audio materials into their blogs. The Empower Network listened and gives users exactly what they were asking for in the Empower Network Blog Beast. They can now instantly record videos and upload them to their blogs in as few as two clicks. This feature is available on both computers and mobile devices.

Easy Sharing Capability

With Blog Beast, Empower Network allows users to easily share or re-blog another person’s post to their own blog. The post will be credited back to its source or author. This will help protect the original author’s “ownership” of the blog post and build camaraderie among bloggers and the whole community in general. It also minimizes the unauthorized “grabbing” of other bloggers’ posts.

Commenting System

This new platform also introduces the propriety commenting system wherein you can easily share the comments you receive for your blog posts on the different social networking sites. This will help drive traffic to your site since there will be a link that will direct readers to your blog. This is an excellent feature since blog users can easily promote their blogs to reach a bigger audience without compromising their ownership of the blog posts.

Blog Restrictions

Another groundbreaking feature of Empower Network Blog Beast is the power it gives users to restrict their audience for certain blog posts. They now have the option to limit who can see their posts. They can opt to restrict them to their friends list or members’ only list. This makes it easier to share specific topics, tips, and opportunities to certain members only. If a blog post is intended to invite members to attend a training program or to access certain materials, non-members will not be exposed to the same information. The members can keep certain materials within their circle.

Empower Network Blog Beast – How Does It Work?

The system was designed to be user-friendly that even first time users would not have a difficult time using it.   As history would have it, Empower Network started out with WordPress.  Back in the day, this was considered to be a user-friendly blogging platform.  Over the years, however, many user have increasingly found it complicated especially when it came to customizing their own blogs.  The network found it necessary to develop its own very own blogging platform. This second generation platform, they say, is everything that WordPress was meant to be.

The applications are accessible in just a few easy clicks; writing, uploading, sharing, and everything else a blogger needs to do are done in a few simple steps.  It is in this aspect that Empower Network Bog Beast will definitely outperform other popular blogging platforms. Most users, especially those who are just starting out in the online market, find it hard to use other blogging platforms.

Availability and Pricing

Since its launch early in October, Empower Network started to upgrade their existing user accounts with no additional fees. For those who are interested to become a member, ENV2 is available for as little as $25 a month.  This gives you access to the innovative blogging platform as well as its mobile application feature. By becoming a member of Empower Network Blog Beast, you have the chance to join more than 30,000 active affiliates to help you with your online business; that’s a world of opportunities for you to succeed in your online business.